Amagi wins Frost & Sullivan’s Cloud Broadcast Company of the Year, India

On the note of winning the prestigious Frost & Sullivan award,  a Q&A interview with Sanjay Kirimanjeshwar, Head of Global Marketing

Amagi was recently named “Broadcast Company of the Year 2016-India” by Frost and Sullivan for cloud-based TV broadcast services. Tell us more about this award.

Frost & Sullivan Awards is a global program that recognises outstanding industry achievements by companies across the world. The awards are presented across a range of regional and global markets for superior leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development.

Each award recipient is determined based on a unique methodology – a deep dive research and analysis conducted by Frost & Sullivan analysts team, is presented to an esteemed, independent jury panel representing the top companies in India. This jury selects the award winners based on the structured metrics-based evaluation process.

In the digital market category, Amagi was recognised for its best practices and leadership in delivering cloud-based broadcast and monetization solutions.

How is Amagi innovating in the space of Cloud broadcasting? What does this award mean to Amagi?

Amagi has been a pioneer in the area of cloud-based broadcast technologies. Over the last 2-3 years, we have developed robust cloud playout and monetization platforms that can eliminate CAPEX-intensive frost-sullivantraditional broadcast models of satellite and fibre. We have enabled broadcasters to manage their entire broadcast workflow remotely, using a simple web-based UI. We have now transitioned our platforms to an Intel-based Commercial Off-The-Shelf servers, giving tremendous flexibility to our clients. In addition to edge playout, we have introduced playout on the cloud that exponentially increases the ability to scale broadcast operations. Across traditional TV, and OTT multi-screens, we are able to create a feature-rich playout, with targeted advertising capabilities for both live and non-live content.

As we continue to innovate, this award is yet another industry validation that Amagi’s products and solutions are not merely path-breaking, but they are providing the required leadership and momentum to make the broadcast industry future-ready. We are grateful to Frost & Sullivan, members of the jury, our distinguished clients, and the entire Amagi team for an important milestone such as this.

Can you illustrate how clients are benefiting from Amagi’s cloud broadcast solutions?

Amagi has deployed its solutions in over 30 countries for some of the leading TV networks in the world. We have solved complex business problems for our clients by leveraging the power of cloud technologies. Recently, Amagi moved IMG’s EDGEsport broadcast operations to the cloud, reaching 12 countries with both live and non-live content. It would have otherwise required IMG to invest in at least four satellite transponders. For B4U Network, Amagi has enabled them to scale broadcast operations reaching audiences in North America, Europe, Middle East, and India. Amagi’s platforms have helped AMC Networks, Scripps Network Interactive, Bloomberg, NDTV, Times Now, Zee TV, ETV and others regionalize their channels in International markets for better monetization, compliance with broadcast regulations, and adherence to content rights obligations.

 What’s the road ahead? Where should the broadcasters focus to be future-ready?Harshad

At Amagi, we believe that the future of TV broadcasting is the personalization of content and advertising. Regardless of viewing devices, be it on OTT multiscreen or traditional TV, broadcasters need to gear up to deliver personalised content. We see viewers defining the content choices on their own, managing the playlists, and watching content seamlessly as they switch devices, putting them in total control at all times. This calls for scalable broadcast solutions with high computing  capabilities to orchestrate workflows, playout, distribution, and ad insertions targeted to each individual.For this transformation to take place, cost-effective, reliable, scalable and secure platforms are required. Cloud can check all the boxes, and is therefore the most important technological shift that broadcasters need to embrace.

For this transformation to take place, cost-effective, reliable, scalable and secure platforms are required. Cloud can check all the boxes, and is therefore the most important technological shift that broadcasters need to embrace. Amagi will continue to take pivotal position in this transformation, equipping broadcasters with future-ready technologies.

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