The Evolution Of Ad-Tech

From the dull-n-drab black and white days to the colourful “overflowing with content” days, our so called ‘Idiot Box’ has transformed, and how! We’re not just talking about the facade, but a complete overhaul in the underlying technology framework. Ad-Tech has seemingly taken the world aback with miraculous innovations in terms of targeting the right customers and extracting more moolah!

Whenever we think of television,  we see ideas! We see a plethora of options, delivered in the form of regular ads, ashton bands, news tickers, brand integration and product placement tactics, leading up to a definite purchasing decision. Technology has empowered marketers to position their brands the way they want and target audiences that matter. Earlier, it was all about an omnidirectional shout, and now the buzzword has moved closer to the bulls’ eye.Chhavi-Blog-Profile

Prior to the ad-tech revolution, ‘TV Technology’ was a modest reference to analog cable delivery and cumbersome satellite feeds, restricted by one-size-fits-all geographical limitations. Almost suddenly, the industry moved on and embraced digital. Everything had changed. The fundamental concept of advertising had undergone many iterations. It no longer refers to the mere national presence of your brand; regional players have entered the game with good reason to boot! We’ve moved past the days of cold advertorial wars between Pepsi and Coca Cola. With geographic targeting available as an option on TV, relatively small players are constantly scaling up their advertisement portfolio!

Programmatic buying on TV is making it big, with the availability of multiple data points to extract demographic interests and behavior info from end users,making it that much easier for networks to monetize their viewership. As we witness the creation of more Omni-Channel marketing options in various categories, we foresee a channel integration of TV and Digital. As researchers churn out oodles and oodles of data revolving around  viewers who use multiple devices simultaneously, the consumption of data through TV alongside portable devices, is a sustainable trend. Metrics to evaluate viewership and ROI have evolved and hopefully will be expected to merge with online metrics sooner than later, as we gauge the current scenario. Having said that, TV was and still remains the leader of the public visibility domain.

Meanwhile, we will continue humming our favorite TV tunes.

Thanda Matlab? Coca Cola! Washing Powder Nirma! (and of course) Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye!.

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