Amagi’s New Website Gleams With Video Power

Harness the power of video to communicate, educate and entertain! Amagi’s new website accentuates the power of videos.

They say, that the  art of storytelling gets much more compelling when you see a video. Videos possess the ability to invoke emotions and response. Amagi’s core value proposition revolves around bringing disruption in targeted video content delivery in the form of linear TV content and OTT, and this was the single overriding objective we set out for, when we thought about revamping our website.Rashmi Kochar (Director, Marketing), Amagi Media Labs India Pvt Ltd

That’s what we had to go on with; we chose to communicate our value proposition through the use of videos (and more videos!) so that it demonstrates what the company really stands for. An exhaustive UI exercise, wireframes for specific user journeys and a tireless effort to create content.

Needless to say, a lot of intense soul-searching, designing, re-designing (this went on for a while), user testing and so on, it just kept going. After all, you only have about 10 seconds to get people’s attention when they come to your site before they get distracted, or simply decide to leave your website.

Like any other company, we had our share of complexity to deal with. Amagi has two very different user profiles visiting the site with contrasting needs and user behavior. Demographically as well geographically both user profiles are very distinct. While one group aims to advertise on TV in a cost-effective manner and aspires to see its brand on TV, some also want an option to reduce spillover and target the markets of their choice through TV, thereby increasing the reach and GRP of their brand in that market based on sales priority. These users are typically either entrepreneurs from Tier-II cities and towns of India or brand marketers of large companies who are looking at smarter ways to use TV as an effective advertorial medium.

The other type of user is trying to understand Amagi’s broadcast technology platforms, application areas, extensibility, business impact, future-readiness, download materials, and to request for a meeting/product demo/trial. Eventually, some would want to create a channel through self-service for OTT(Over The Top) delivery. They are extremely tech-savvy and senior technology decision makers of large global TV networks based in US, Europe and UK.

More than 60% of our website visitors are new visitors and 40% are returning visitors and our sense is, this trend will continue to dominate, especially in a strict B2B context. We receive nearly 100 technology enquiries each month through our website, which will hopefully catapult further at the behest of our brand new user experience on

The clean and clutter-free design with an extensive use of clear CTAs in all pages was a refreshing change and we hope our customers, employees and partner like it. The journey has just begun, as we continue to make richer enhancements to our site, to address the ever-evolving needs of our users.




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  1. Vikram Kaushik says:

    Good stuff, Rashmi! And a great initiative. Best, Vikram Kaushik


    1. Thanks for following the blog, Vikram! Your support is highly appreciated. Many thanks on behalf of Rashmi and the team.

      Warm Regards,
      Shomprakash Sinha Roy
      Head of Digital Marketing
      Amagi Media Labs


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