From Baskar’s Desk: Revolutionizing media measurement with Ad-tech

India’s ad market is growing at 12.5% Year on Year. It is presently the world’s fastest growing ad market (as compared to western counterparts). Yet, we are one of the most under-advertised and under-branded markets. Our ad spend-to-GDP ratio is among the lowest in the world. Lack of a robust measurement system with trust and transparency is one of the key reasons behind this debacle.Baskar Subramanian

For a painfully long time, there have been ideological differences between media players and the bodies that run media measurement systems. These two parties must now converge and mutually agree to establish a set protocol for standard rating systems. Media players should relay their trust on measurement bodies while the latter should follow transparent methods and report numbers following every disclosure protocol associated with the limitations of sample based research studies. With BARC coming in, there are new possibilities.

To make it work successfully, the industry should now collectively focus on consistently investing more in measurement, research and technology. The need of the hour is to deliver technology solutions that focus on real-time universal data at an affordable cost and move from sample-based surveys to census based surveys. In the time to come, there must also be a convergence of a common knowledge sharing platforms where every outlet of the media industry finds a solution for a cross-media study. Print, TV, Radio, Digital – all under one common measurement system; That would define an ideal world for advertisers. At Amagi, we are following the industry and its progress very closely to understand measurement metrics at a microscopic level. Amagi is already in talks with BARC’s newly introduced measuring system and will shortly ensure that advertisers receive real-time ratings of their campaigns running on Amagi infrastructure. I firmly believe that technology can transform the TV advertising industry. The transformation has already begun, and I’m glad that Amagi is at the cusp of this disruption and that we’re working to innovate further in this space.



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